During the last 4 years we have onboarded 100+ team members to Ascentic, and in our strive to find the perfect balance of automated yet human onboarding picked up a thing or two on what to do and what to absolutely not do.

The first point might be the most important.

Do the Onboarding!

I know — there is never enough time and you have to get on with your projects and engagements, but properly onboarding the crew members who will later be keeping the ship afloat and steering it right— might be one of the most important investments you can do.

Do Checkbox It


So I have been working with building offshored software development teams in Ascentic during the last 4 years now, and picked up a thing or two about what makes it work and not. Looking at the 4 points you might feel these are applicable to any software development, and not only offshored. Yes, that’s correct. These pillars in my experience are great for any growing software development team, they just become extra important when your team is geographically distributed.

1. A Strong Product Ownership

Now what is this Product Ownership or Product Management that everyone is talking about? Put simply, the Product Ownership (an individual…

Going through a pregnancy and giving birth to a baby is obviously a world-changing experience like no other, but what I didn’t expect to find was how it would actually make me better at my job. Yes, there are plenty of challenges with trying to make a sleep-deprived brain produce useful thoughts other than how to keep the poop-machine happy — you don’t get around that — however what I didn’t expect was the benefits. So here it goes — the ways becoming a mother has improved not only my life, but also my worklife.

1. Pregnancy made me start taking care of my body

Starting a business and growing…

I think we have all come across our fair deal of crappy tools that makes us want to quit technology all together. Despite promises of increased productivity and simpler workdays we end up getting lost in spiderwebs of unnecessary features and feeding the system an endless stream of data to keep it happy.

Yes, I am aware I’m one of these users

Building great digital products that satisfies a large number of people (and their weird needs) is not easy, and finding tools that works for you and your growing business can be a hassle. …

Anna Kalm

Entrepreneur from Sweden living in Sri Lanka. Founder and Chief Geek of the fast-growing software business Ascentic. Chronic problem-solver, surfer and runner.

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